A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Fleece farms is a relaxing game made for a little zone out sesh. Take care of your sheep and alpacas and they'll take care of you! Feed them, brush them, and sell their fur in order to customize your animals!


FleeceFarms_Windows.zip 60 MB
FleeceFarms_Mac.zip 78 MB


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Fleece farm is a friend and I love it!! Cute animals, good sounds, and lovely music! 

I wish you could automate the feeding if not the brushing as well + click on other animals as you walk past you when you're zoomed in on one animal. Otherwise great game I really liked it :]!

super cute!

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This game makes me feel complete. I imagine a society where all humans had 4 pens full of sheep on their property. The society would be called heaven.

Universal Basic Fleece Farm would solve all of this mortal worlds ailments. Through Fleece Farms, I loved, I laughed, and I have lived. The only sadness this game brings me is the fact that i can only truly experience this once. 

A true personal heaven would be one were after completing this game, my memory and save file was wiped so I can truly experience this game over and over again.

Thank you developers for this amazing experience. 
There is nothing more to look forward to in my life.
Except for Fleece Farms 2: Electric Boogaloo



I almost wish there was an alternate universe I could travel to that's just Fleece Farm.

Also, wow, you know about Tag 2.